AI is surpassing human capabilities in many domains, why not have it assist with evaluating stock markets? Alternative Analytics combines alternative real-time data sources with cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Our proprietary models are developed internally from source to model. There is therefore no re-packaging of third party data, making all models fully unique.

The main use cases for Alternative Analytics models are:

  • Use AI to enhance insight in to capital markets by means of leveraging alternative data – think for example of having AI going through thousands of headlines in order to gauge the mood of the market.
  • Use AI to predict the market – if we can teach AI to drive a car then we might also train it to beat the stock market.
  • Looking at capital markets from a different perspective – traditional finance model are old, one might say very old. Factor investing, Markowitz optimization, PE ratios, book-to-market indicator, technical analysis etc etc all date back to a time when the internet did not exist. Though (some of them) are founded in vast academic literature and one might argue that they are robust, it something everyone already knows. Alternative Analytics seeks to offer a new way of looking at capital markets.