AI sentiment analysis report: BTC-USD, 2021-04-26

Report meta data

Report timestamp: 04/26/2021, 13:40:45 (UTC)

Ticker: BTC-USD

Model: LSTM stacked

Activation hidden layers: Tanh


Twitter updates: @AlternativeAna2

Reading guide: ReadingGuide.pdf

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The bar chart shows the prediction distribution for BTC price change. This is a prediction that is generated by a ML/AI model trained on appropriate sentiment series. Since these are also ML based basically the model is a 2 step AI model.

Currently the model predicts the most likely return for the next 15 days is between +10% to +100%. The predicted probability for a positive return is 84%, and for a negative return is 5%.

This is not investment advice! The probabilities are those given by the model and do not reflect real world probabilities and currently there is insufficient data to report on accuracy. It is advised to therefore use this model as a warning indicator.

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